Campus Facilities


* Central Library occupies a place of pride in JS College and is an essential component of the institute's outstanding research and education mission. It is a most sparkling place on the campus providing a safe, comfortable and friendly environment that enables learning and advancement of knowledge and promotes discovery and scholarship. Latest editions of Medical Para-medical and general books of famous authors are procured every year and offered for Referencing and Circulation. Journals from Indian and International publishers are subscribed.


* Nursing practice Laboratory is well equipped as per norms and requirements of Indian Nursing Council.

Anatomy Lab:

* Anatomy Lab is designed for the exploration and dissection of various structures. The Laboratory has a colletion of human skeleton, specimens of different parts of the body, models, dummies, simulations, audio video CDs and chars.

Maternal & Child Health (MCH) Lab:

* MCH Lab is designed for students to appreciate the concepts and principles of obstetric nursing. The MCH Lab is equipped and furnished with birthing simulators, obstetric manikins, infant manikins, real objects and models of all kinds.

Community Health Lab:

* The college provides both urban and rural community health nursing field experience for the students. That is within a distance 9km from the college.

Nutrition Lab:

* Nutrition Lab is well furnished and equipped with cooking facilities where students learn preparation of various therapautic and normal diet.

Clinical Attachment:

* Students are send to the clinicals to their own Mother Hospital "Prasad Multi Speciality Hospital" for completing their requirements RIMS Medical College, Ongole.


* One of the best methods of teaching and learning is with the help of Audio Visual Aids. The college has the latest audio visual aids such as LCD projector, Computers, DVD player, CD player, T.V public address system, Camera, Printed materials and pamphlets and leaf lets, Over head projectors, Slide Projectors, Tape recorders audio video tapes, CDs, models, charts, manikins and real objects.

Living and Recreational facilities:

* All students are expected to be residents in the hostel, which provides suitable accommodation and is well equipped. The residence is a well furnished three story building that can accomodate 250 students and teaching staff. The rooms are well ventilated, well furnished, spacious, sorrounded by the greeneries, flowers and fruits. The hostel has a visiting room, warden room, staff room, recreation room with T.V, laundry, study room. Outdoor and indoor recreational facilities are available. A variety of recreational and cultural and social events are organized. Recreational movies and video films are shown from time to time in the hostel.

Health Facilities:

* The health services of JS Hospital, JS Ayurvedic Hospital and outpatient department (except drugs & consumable items) are available to the students at the time of illness on payment of the health insurance fee. An accident insurance scheme has also been made mandatory for all the students on payment of an annual premium of Rs. 282/- towards the same.


* The canteen in the campus provides food items such as meals, snacks, sweets, beverages and other daily need items.

Transport Facilities:

* Two buses have been made available to take students from college to hospital and other clinical areas.


* Each hostel block is equipped with telephone connections.

Students Enrolled
Classes Complete
Certified Teachers

Courses Offered

M.Sc Nursing

A Candidate for admission into M.Sc (Nursing) 2YDC, should not more than 42yrs

B.Sc Nursing (Post Basic)

A Candidate for admission into B.Sc Nursing (Post Basic) 2YDC should have completed 17yrs and should not more than 35yrs

B.Sc. Nursing (Basic)

A Candidate for admission into B.Sc (Nursing) 4YDC should have completed 17yrs and should not more than 35yrs.

G.N.M Nursing

A Candidate for admission into GNM (Nursing) 3.6Yrs should have completed 17yrs and should not more than 35yrs.

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